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 Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III (Captain Commander)

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PostSubject: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III (Captain Commander)   Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:27 am

"You are a petty vexation easily remedied!"


Shinigami Template


Name: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III

Nickname/Alias: White Nightmare; Sword of Damocles; Reginleif

Gender: Male

Age: 957


As a Human: Tsubine is more of a wild person now that he is in control of First Division. He is more athletic and flexible for some reason. He also doesn't give a damn what other people think of him, as he is as high as a Shinigami can go on the chain. There are a few people whom he has a weak spot for, and that is his main weakness. The problem is, they're not that easy to get.

As a Man: Tsubine still has sexual urges like any man, but because of his training, he has been known to restrain himself. But it isn't easy when you've got fangirls glomping you. He has developed many techniques to get away from them, and not a single one has failed. He does go to an occasional bar, but he'd rather have a nice bottle of wine on his veranda. Ever since his wife left him, Tsubine has been in a state of depression. Few people even see the man nowadays.

As a First Division Member: Tsubine is still new to this, and he wants to stay as a member as long as he can. Tsubine is highly alert when on duty, and still quite alert off duty. He's normally found around his followers, trying to set a good example. He is lazy normally and likes to wander around. He has taken a liking to the human world, and goes there more often now that he has no one but the Spirit King to report to.

In Battle: Tsubine is a master in Tamiya-ryū Iaijutsu. He prefers to end his battles quickly. Normally, he doesn't have to release his Zanpakutou, even though it increases his sword-drawing speed many times over. Of course, Tsubine will protect anyone whom he has a relationship level of at least acquaintance with. His skill in Tamiya-ryū Iaijutsu is that of greater than a master. He also has been learning the Hōki-ryū style of Iaido.

Possible Schizophrenic: Tsubine has occasional outbursts, in which he will most likely enter a combative state. However, he doesn't remember who he fought or why most of the time. Few people like to see this state of Tsubine, as it is more enraged than anyone could imagine. The only person who can always have Tsubine in his enraged mode is Ieyasu Tokugawa...

General Appearance



The kanji on Tsubine's armor means "Daiichi, Daiman, Daikichi."
Appearance Age: Mid-30s

Height: 6'1

Weight: 160 lbs

Eye Color: Tsubine's eyes are yellow-gold with a slight ring in them. In Shikai and Bankai, it is more visible.

Natural Abilities

Sealed Zanpakutou: It takes the appearance of a 42.5" long katana with a brown tsuba. It has a modification of the Tokugawa clan's mon. Its scabbard is blue and is carried on his left side.

Release Phrase: "Eclipse"

Kidō Master: Tsubine is able to use high level kidō without saying the incantation, being able to use this up until 91 as it has been seen, he has not used any spell above that level without the incantation, not that people have seen.

Flash step master: Tsubine is one of the fastest males in the Soul Society, and the fastest male Shinigami. His speed is the almost the same as Yoruichi's, but a bit lower. If he was to use his maximum speed, he would leave a crater.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He appears to be very efficient in swordsmanship, being able to fight on-par with a captain in Bankai. He is capable of using his speed for flawless precision and to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. Tsubine prefers to wield his sword with his right hand, leaving the other hand free though it usually remains hanging. He is quite adept at blocking while his offense is capable of great precision. Tsubine's fighting style also involves evasion and attacking an opponent either in the front or back using the element of surprise to overwhelm them. His skills are very versatile, able to use various bladed weapons with high proficiency. He is ambidextrous and can change his fighting style at a whim — keeping his opponents unsure as to his next move. A master of many Kendō combat forms, Tsubine draws his opponents in, fighting less than his true capability, and then striking the fatal blow when his opponents believe to have the advantage over him.

  • Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep"): This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

  • Number Three: Aragari (アラバマ物語, "To Kill a Mockingbird"; "one step, sudden death"): Placing the sheathed sword upright and listening to the "heartbeat" of her opponent, the attack rapidly unsheathes, attacks, and sheaths the sword. This technique is done with with incredible precision and speed, as she cuts down her opponent in a matter of seconds. This technique is capable of leaving deep, precise wounds in an opponent's body in a matter of milliseconds

  • Number Four: Kamishini (神キラー, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"): By swinging the user's sword across, they can make a sweeping motion that cuts everything within 4 m of the user. The force behind this technique is great enough to defeat even Adjuchas-level Hollow with little effort.

  • Number Six: Gyaku Karasu (逆烏, Reverse Raven): The user uses shunpo to quickly get behind their opponent and then quickly doing a reverse spin hitting their opponent with the back edge of edge sword, slicing into them with an accurate and rapid slash.

  • Number Seven: Tsubame Gaeshi (燕返し, "Swallow Reversal" or "Turning Swallow Cut"): A technique that mimics the motion of a swallow's tail during flight as observed. This cut was reputedly so quick and precise that it could strike down a bird in mid-flight. There are no direct descriptions of the technique. Hence, the "Turning Swallow Cut" has been reconstructed as a technique involving striking downward from above and then instantly striking again in an upward motion from below. The strike's second phase could be from below toward the rear and then upward at an angle, like an eagle climbing again after swooping down on its prey.

  • Number Eight: Kujira Shōgeki (鯨衝撃, "Whale Crash" or "Crushing Whale Impact"): A technique that mimics the motion of a whale's tail that rises above the ocean and then crashes back onto it. While lacking speed like other techniques, this technique has been noted to be exceptionally powerful. There are no direct descriptions of the technique. Hence, the "Crushing Whale Impact" has been reconstructed as a technique involving a light upward slash, following a demolishing slash downward , the force of which was able to create a giant crater and destroy the surrounding buildings.

  • Number Nine: Hayabusa Tobikomi (隼飛び込み, "Peregrine Falcon Dive"): This advanced technique allows for the user to slice their opponent using super sharp and quick slices of razor sharp wind and energy that can completely rip the target to shreds. It can cut through the Hierro of an arrancar or the reiatsu of even high level shinigami.

  • Number Ten: Nizen Sekai (二・千・世・界, Two Thousand Worlds): The user must first create a second sword out of reishi then use this and their zanpakutou to strike with two large energy waves that slam into their opponent causing massive damage and destruction.

Shinsoku (神速, "Godspeed"): This is Tsubine's special flash step technique, its principles are based on utilizing godlike speed, and precision to deal powerful blows that usually bring down foes with one shot. The swordsman must also be able to read techniques at an amazing pace as well as interpret emotions as a form of clairvoyance to accurately predict what an opponent will do. Combining those two elements with the speed and the precision allows Tsubine to subdue the opponents, before they even act. if he's far away, he's able to close the distance, to get towards the opponent, in a matter of seconds, without much strain. By using the wind to augment his power, he can close the distance in a split second, and perform a various number of slashes and strikes, to the point that an opponent could not even discern if they were cut, or sliced, until a few seconds later. It is capable of slicing through a adujuchas hollow's mask, with relative ease. 

Kuzu-ryūsen( 九頭龍閃, "Nine-headed Dragon"): this powerful sword technique, uses Shinsoku to the fullest extent; dealing nine strikes to the most fundamental targets of swordsmanship. it targets the nine vital spots, on the opponent's body, through reading their movement's and having a form of Peak level clairvoyance. This technique is usual capable of dealing nine strikes at an unfathomable speed. Nine strikes of the Kuzu-ryūsen carry lethal force. However, weight and power play a critical aspect in the effectiveness of the technique. This means, even if the move is executed without flaw, the force behind the technique will differ from wielder to wielder depending on their class in weight and arm strength. Essentially, a "lighter" Kuzu-ryūsen would be overpowered by a "heavier" Kuzu-ryūsen. By adding wind around his blade, he can multiply the strikes, to create a variation of kuzu-ryusen, known as "Hyaku-ryūsen"(九頭龍閃, "100-Headed dragon") executing 100 strikes, at the same vital points, until the opponent is rendered unable to move, because of the multiple wounds inflicted at the parts of their body, and the force behind it. Therefore, precision and upper arm strength is vital, when using this sword technique.

Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki (天翔龍閃, "Dragon Flight of heaven"): This, is one of his strongest, sword techniques, which goes beyond god speed. It is very dangerous to perform. A single step alone adds instantaneous acceleration and weight to the sword changing the god-like speed of Shinsoku, or Kuzu-ryusen. to "Beyond god-like speed". However, this extra step is difficult to take as one of the fundamental teachings of the technique. states that one should step forward with the right foot as to avoid cutting their own foot with the attack. As such, the additional step forward with the left foot can spell certain death for the swordsman, as it takes precise timing to coordinate, as to not lose any momentum while drawing; it requires the utmost concentration, that can only be obtained by one's desire to live. There is another secret to this technique. If the initial strike is avoided or blocked, the force of the unusually fast slashing motion displaces the air around it, generating a wind vacuum or wind void in its wake and sucking the opponent in. As this happens, the body is spun around for a second strike, the previous action adding force and momentum to the swing, making the subsequent strike far stronger. This is the true power of the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki, as Tsubine once stated " Even if you were able to avoid the fangs of the flying dragon, the gusting winds strip away freedom of movement, and the claws would rip you apart" if he creates more wind around the blade, it becomes exceedingly harder for the opponent to escape from the powerful sword slash. 

Ittō (壱刀, cut with a sword): Said in its day to be a precursor to the technique Jinzen, by using reiatsu as a type of signal, Tsubine is able to call out the full power of his Zanpakutou. Calling out the full power of the weapon augments it past its highest boundary for a split second. In this split second the user slashes down on the opponent's person, creating a deep and often fatal wound which is only capable of being healed by a special herb. The damage done by Ittō can cleave easily through even the toughest of Arrancar, and can even kill most Shinigami with apparent ease. The use of Ittō is restricted to those who have a deep bond with their zanpakutō or sacred, as those who do not suffer physical and neurological damage from the use of Ittō.

Shunpo Master: One of Tsubine's more noticeable traits is his tremendously skillful speed. Tsubine's skill in Shunpo is so great that it seems as though he possesses a form of teleportation as he moves in the blink of an eye, simply "appearing" solidly instead of shimmering for a second like other Shunpo users. This allows him to move fast enough to easily parry a close-range killing blow by a Captain-level opponent. Tsubine manages to move at exceedingly incredible speeds, quick enough to appear behind Kamui's back and effectively counter him before the former could even turn to face him. He is capable of almost effortlessly dodging simultaneous attacks at close range and the evasion of Bankai level techniques. He moves so fast that opponents commonly do not know his movements until after he has made them and is skilled enough in his movements to evade at high speeds even when being attacked from behind.
  • Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō. It allows for a movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Tsubine's mastery of utsusemi allows for him to form several after-images, to the point where the after-images behave as solid clones.
  • Utsusemi Tachinaori (空蝉克复, Cicada Restoration): Tsubine had shown a strange alternative to the Utsusemi, to the point where it looks like he never left his position, as physical attacks still pass by. It was speculated by some that he uses some sort of space-time power to instantly send himself or even parts of his body to different locations or some sort of void and then instantly bring them back. However, it is mere speculation.
  • Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom): A special Shunpō technique where one moves to their opponent's back, directly attacking and sealing one's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui" in one strike (effectively cutting them off of their spiritual energy flow). The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.

Insane Reitsu: As one of the strongest Shinigami alive, Tsubine possesses absolutely monstrous spiritual power. His very presence can cause even the most skilled Shinigami to lose their breath, and is capable of affecting entire areas to the point of disrupting energy attacks from enemies, as well as affecting others from seemingly miles away and cause them to enter a state of paralysis and confusion. Once stated by Andrei, "His power... Why is it so overpowering? Is it.. even Reiatsu? It's too dense and heavy to even be called spiritual energy. It feels like there's an ocean above the sky..."
According to Yamamoto, when he first confronted Tsubine, his reiatsu has an overbearing power which is unlike anything or anyone else in Soul Society; to the point where he even considered as something completely unrelated to Reiatsu. His spiritual power has a presence which, according to him, feels as if it's trying to stifle his very existence. It had enough force to rip open a garganta on it's own without the use of Kidō. Unlike any Shinigami, his spiritual aura also contains black sparks of reishi discharge; making a deep crackling noise when Tsubine focuses his reiatsu. His body glows bright white when this is preformed, as his energy interacts with the energy in his surroundings, changing their properties. Thus, he wears not one, but two limiters that prevent him from releasing all of his reitsu. The cost of having such a large amount of reitsu is great, so he rarely will go 100% or even 50%.

Zanpakutou Spirit

Zanpakutou Spirit Appearance: Nanako, as Tsubine calls her, takes the form of a young teenage girl. However, she isn't a human teenage girl. Instead, she's a kitsune. She has short black hair that she keeps in a flatter version of her owner's. Nanako has three eye colors, each representing her personality. When she's her sarcastic , "I'm better than you" self, her eyes are a golden yellow. While she's her calm, loving self, her eyes are ultramarine. Lastly, when her eyes are red, that means she's in her "kill first, don't ask questions" mood. She's normally seen in white pinstripe overshirt that has a fur collar and fur cuffs. It is shorter than her undershirt, and it ends with black fur as well. Her undershirt is also pinstripe and matches her short skirt of the same design, only darker. She wears black thighhighs and white boots.
Yellow Eyes:
Blue Eyes:
Red Eyes:

Zanpakutou Spirit Personality: Nanako is a bit different than a normal Zanpakutou spirit. She obeys Tsubine like a dog to its master. No matter how hard she doesn't like a choice, Nanako follows Tsubine in whatever choice(s) he makes. However, it's how she serves him that is the key part of her triple persona. While in her sarcastic persona, she is lazy and is a smartass to Tsubine. This is her favorite persona to use, and she is always happy to use it. Her calm persona is also her most loyal and protective. She is like a child at times, being easily entertained. However when this persona gets serious, you better run. Her final persona is more bloodthirsty than the others. However, it is also her most rebellious side. She will protect Tsubine, though she generally won't fight alongside him if he calls upon her.

Zanpakutou Spirit's World: Nanako's world is very unfitting to the powers of the Zanpakutou. It appears as a churchm covered by snow. However, the roof has collapsed and some of the walls are missing. The doors have been knocked in by wind and some of the windows shattered. In the courtyard outside the church, there is a stone wall that part of the lower wall has fallen. The basement is still in good condition. Inside one of the tunnels in the basement, there is a sub-tunnel that leads to an old mill of sorts in the back. It is more derelict than the church, though most of it is stone and metal. He calls it "the grave of the fireflies."
The Church:

The Mill:


Shikai Description: Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho (lit: Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place) is Tsubine's shikai. It is slightly longer than its unreleased state, though its appearance has changed drastically.

Shikai Abilities:
  • Name: Karategata
    Hiragana: からてがた
    Translation: Empty Promise
    Range: As far as his blade can reach
    Type: Offensive/Melee`/Close
    Description: This is the most obvious attack that Tsubine has. Upon releasing his Shikai, this ability takes effect. When Tsubine draws his Zanpakutō, the speed of the draw is enhanced greatly. Tsubine will draw, then sheath his Zanpakutō. However, the speed of these attacks is all that he needs. To those than can see spiritual beings and such, the blade appears as a light blue arc that follows the path of Tsubine's arm movements. To those that can't, it would appear as though things are just being chopped down. Tsubine does not always have to activate this ability.

  • Name: Anrui
    Hiragana: あんるい
    Translation: Silent Tears
    Range: 10 meters
    Type: Offensive/Melee`/Close
    Description: An advanced form of Karategata. Anrui uses the principle of Karategata to create a damaging encasement-esque attack. Tsubine will draw his Zanpakuto, but not sheath it. This will cause for the Karategata attacks to move "forward." They move to where the enemy was or 10 meters ahead, whichever is closer. When it gets there, it will appear as 72 Karategata slashes appearing in random directions. It will last for two posts unless Tsubine cancels it.

  • Name: Haikagura
    Hiragana: はいかぐら
    Translation: Cloud of Ashes
    Range: 50 meters high; 100 meters in diameter
    Type: Offensive/Melee`/Ranged
    Description: Tsubine will draw his sword vertically, calling upon the name of the technique. This attack is a summoning-type to an extent. It summons/creates blades of white reishi that can not be absorbed like ambient reishi. They all appear to be rapiers. Above Tsubine will appear three circles made of these swords, with one on top of the other. The middle circle is the largest, at a total of 48 swords. The other two circles are of equal size, at 36 swords each. This means that Tsubine summons a total of 120 swords, all arranged in a circular pattern. They can stay up in the sky without being used for three posts, though after the third they will dissipate. However if Tsubine chooses to use them, all he has to do is stab his Zanpakutō into the ground and it will cause the "Rain" to fall. The blades will scatter at high speeds and fill in a 100-meter diameter circle. The blades strike the ground randomly and will stay there for two posts.

  • Name: Shibōsū
    Hiragana: しぼうすう
    Translation: Number of Death
    Range: Arc; 10 meters away at farthest point; Width is variable to a maximum of 30 meters
    Type: Offensive/Melee`/Ranged
    Description: Tsubine's most advanced form of Karategata. Tsubine will use a combination of Shunpo and Karategata to creat a large arc that is 270° from the starting point. Tsubine's high speed mixed with the higher speed of Karategata makes this a dangerous technique. It is usually followed by a shunpo to the opponent.

  • Name: Kyūsei
    Hiragana: きゅうせい
    Translation: Sudden Death
    Range: 5 meter radius
    Type: Offensive/Melee`/Close
    Description: Tsubine will slam the butt of his sword into the ground, creating a slight shockwave. However, 248 swords will spring from the ground like a quincy shooting his bow. The speed of each of the swords is random, though the effect is the same. The attack lasts for two posts.

  • Name: Kuchikukan Tenson
    Hiragana: 啄聴金 天孫
    Translation: Destroyer of God's Descendants
    Range: N/A
    Type: Offensive
    Description: This ability is constantly in use. It requires no extra energy from Tsubine to use though. If his blade touches a clone or afterimage created by an ability(or the originator of either), all clones and afterimages from that person will be destroyed immediately. How does it do this? Even if they are full clones, they are still created by a technique. Even if they have identical reitsu signatures, the reishi from the clones and the originator will be different. Only true biological clones are not affected.


Bankai Description: Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (lit: Sky with a Rising Half-Moon) is the name of Tsubine's bankai. Tsubine doesn't change, again. However, his sword becomes something close to a nodachi.

Around Tsubine, the terrain changes. A cold, icy wind will blow and freeze buildings, cars, lights, water, trees, anything in the environment. However, a sign of the coldness that is his heart, a giant moon-like disc will fall from the sky and land behind him. In a non-urban environment, Tsubine will also raise the ground he is on and create a small waterfall in front of him.

Bankai Abilities: (He still has all of his Shikai abilities)

  • Name: Aikoku
    Hiragana: あいこく
    Translation: Lamentation
    Range: 150 meters maximum
    Type: Offensive/Meele/Ranged
    Description: Tsubine will create a circle of twenty-one blades hovering over his back. The blades can be grasped by Tsubine and used as a weapon or launched like a backpack missile. However, as soon as one is displaced from its spot, another blade will appear. For each blade, it has twenty-one replacements.

  • Name: Fungai
    Hiragana: ふんがい
    Translation: Indignation
    Range: Sword
    Type: Offensive/Meele/Close
    Description: After Tsubine has stabbed his opponent, he can pull the physical blade out. However, an energy copy of the blade will be present, still in the wound. This serves a dual purpose. Not only does it cause pain, but it allows Tsubine to track the impaled opponent as long as the energy copy is within their body. Tsubine can have up to ten in one body.

  • Name: Kuyashinamida
    Hiragana: くやしなみだ
    Translation: Vexation
    Range: 30 meters
    Type: Offensive/Meele/Ranged
    Description: After saying the technique name, this technique will last for three posts. After every sword swing, seven energy swords will be created from its path. Each of these will fly forward from the arc of the sword, making it like a shotgun. The blades can be used like nails and pin opponents to objects they are within a foot of.

  • Name: Semerujiseki
    Hiragana: せめるじせき
    Translation: Condemnation
    Range: 40 meter radius
    Type: Offensive/Meele/Ranged
    Description: Tsubine will spin in a circle after unsheathing his sword. The path of the sword will be marked by a blue ring, which is usually horizontal. He will then say the technique's name and the ring will duplicated into thirteen rings, with the last one being just over his head. Upon resheathing his sword, the rings will spread outwards while spinning in opposite directions (ex. top goes clockwise, next goes counterclockwise, next goes clockwise, etc.).

  • Name: Jūgoya
    Hiragana: じゅうごや
    Translation: Night of the Full Moon
    Range: Self
    Incantation: It pleasures me to see the skies darken, for those who have seen the moon's dark side know it sheds no tears for the dead.
    Type: Enhancement
    Description: This ability is triggered by Tsubine's will to survive and protect. It is highly dangerous for Tsubine to use it, as it is known as "removing the limits and still continuing." Tsubine's pupils will glow ultramarine and Tsubine's two limiters will be released. Tsubine's head is now surrounded by a black mist-like reitsu. Tsubine will carry his sword in his mouth and can draw it rapidly. His reitsu will immediately coat his entire blade. His hands are also coated in his reitsu, giving his claw-like gauntlets even more of a deadly bite. When walking, he has a white and crimson reitsu circle underneath him. However, it's not his reitsu. Instead, that's the reitsu around Tsubine burning. Tsubine's high amount of reitsu when concentrated is strong enough to ignite ambient reitsu. His normal speed can be increased to that where a normal dash is like a Captain's Shunpo. When he's like that, he has a slight distortion field around him due to the reitsu around him melting. This field can be used to attack, as it's like an arrow around him. He can keep the form up for five posts, and then he must exit Bankai.

  • Name: Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
    Hiragana: 今、そこにいる僕
    Translation: Now and Then, Here and There
    Range: 200 meters
    Type: Offensive/Meele/All Range
    Description: This is the final attack of Tsubine's Bankai. Tsubine will spin his sword around once in front of him, creating a vertical ring. The ring will then duplicate into larger rings; each one getting larger by the duplication until there are seven rings. These rings will then allign horizontally in front of Tsubine and then start rotating randomly. This will create a gyroscopic effect, but Tsubine is unharmed. From the area around the largest ring's rotation, 248 white blades and 365 blue blades of pure reishi will be created. These will be shot at random, and each one has 10 replacements. The end of the ability is the creation of 613 blue and white rapier-like blades that will shoot out at once and upon impact will explode with the force of a 400lb bomb.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Born in 1172 in modern-day Pripyat, Ukraine to a high-ranking noble family, Tsubine von Zarkonheinz was not the Prince Charming of this story. When he was only fifteen, a group of bandits kidnapped his younger sister, Ana. Tsubine took off after them, armed with a sabre. He caught up with them and savagely tortured them, cutting them into little bits. Legend says he came back, his little sister in shock behind him on his horse, covered in so much blood, there wasn't a bit of his body that was not crimson. What is known is that his sister never spoke a word after that, and Tsubine never mentions the incident.

Tsubine had an older brother, Andrei, who was the successor to the Zarkonheinz name. When Andrei turned eighteen, he committed murder. He killed one of the family's most trusted advisors and was banished for it. Of course, this shocked Tsubine as his older brother had been like a father since his actual father had passed away many many years ago. Tsubine's mother disappeared soon after their father passed.

Taught at a very young age how to kill, Tsubine was chosen to represent his area in the upcoming Crusade. When he was eighteen, he set off to join the Pope's army and joined with nearby Templar Knights. When he joined the main force, he was under the command of Robert de Sable. They marched into Jerusalem by the time he was twenty. By that time, most of the people in the massive caravan were dead due to starvation or disease. Tsubine arrived in Jerusalem in time to see the Ark of the Covenant being removed. He was with Robert de Sable when an Hashashin attacked them. Nobody was harmed, but the Templars there knew of the Hashashin threat now.

Within a few weeks, Tsubine was transferred to nearby Acre, the main base for the Crusades. There, the same Hashashin attacked a Templar there. However, on the way to Masayaf, the suspected base of the Hashashins, Tsubine was silently murdered by an unknown assailant.


While he spent little time dead in the human world, he spent a good bit of time in the Close Districts. He arrived in District Three and was raised by a sub-subsection of the Kuchiki household. In a rare occasion, Tsubine met the young Byakuya Kuchiki and Ginrei Kuchiki. By the time that Byakuya would be the new Sixth Division Captain, Tsubine was already in the Soul Reaper academy. By the time of his third year, many of the divisions were looking at Tsubine, as it was unknown what he excelled the most at.

When he graduated, Tsubine was sent to the Thirteenth Division, as the third seat. He looked up to lieutenant Kaien Shiba out of anyone there other than Byakuya. Tsubine learned Shikai (And eventually Bankai) while training with Kaien. Fighting against Nejibana, Tsubine was excellent at fighting against polearms. Kaien was the brother Tsubine had since Andrei was much more like a father. Tsubine followed Kaien around and even styled his hair after his lieutenant. This made Kaien feel odd, as it was like having a stalker.

It was at this time that he met a purple-haired vixen named Saeko Busujima. Saeko and Tsubine were quite a cute couple. You had Tsubine's serious attitude that was broken only by him being near Saeko and Saeko's social attitude. Tsubine and Saeko were both in love with one another. After Kaien was killed, Tsubine was the first person the Captains looked at for Kaien's replacement. He took the position and stayed there until Aizen's betrayal. Saeko didn't mind this, in fact neither did Tsubine. It gave Tsubine a chance for him to escape from his job.

Eventually, Tsubine saved a young woman named Yukiko Yami from hollows. She followed him around and he started feeling like she was family so he allowed her to live with him. However, she wasn't the only woman in the house. Tsubine had Saeko move in with him for a few months. The screams and moans kept Yukiko up and scarred her for months. For some reason, Saeko and Tsubine ended their relationship. It was an informal termination actually. While the two don't know what happened, the two also didn't know who caused the ending. However, it was Tsubine that truly ended it.

Trials and Tribulations
After Aizen's betrayal, the Fifth Division needed a captain. With Tsubine being a senior lieutenant, and one who knew Bankai, he was the obvious choice. Within a week of Aizen's betrayal, Tsubine had gone from the 13th's Lieutenant to the 5th's new captain. As captain, Tsubine toughened up the 5th Division, much like how his mentor had done to the 2nd all those years back. Tsubine's first order of business to merge the Kidōshū and 5th Division.

Under Tsubine's reign as the 5th Division Captain and head of the Kidōshū, a total of seventeen students graduated. Another twenty perished during training. Fourteen were permanently paralyzed and five had brain damage. Tsubine made sure that those who supported Aizen were put in the strictest course of cleaning the 5th and Kidōshū Barracks. However, Tsubine took a liking to the 5th Lieutenant, Momo Hinamori. He made sure that she was alright every once and a while and placed two guards by her door.

When the plans were being drafted to assault Las Noches, Tsubine was not chosen to go among them. When the rest left, he was asked to stay behind and talk to the Head Captain. It was to discuss succession. In case Yamamoto did not return from Hueco Mundo alive, Tsubine was to assume the position of Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. This was, in part, due to his status in the Soul Society. Because of the prestigious name of the Zarkonheinz clan, Tsubine was given special treatment a few times. However, soon after Yamamoto said that, and the Ambassador from the Royal Family signed it, Tsubine and the old man set off. When they arrived, the battle had already began.

After the battle was over and the Captains headed back home, Tsubine stood guard and headed the cleanup effort for a year. When he returned home, he was informed of Yamamoto's dissapearance. In an instant, he had become the top-ranked member of the Gotei 13. After four years, it was confirmed that Yamamoto was indeed dead. A member of the royal family appeared in a golden covered rickshaw being pulled by what appeared to be Kidōshū members. Around the rickshaw was a total of four 0 Division members.

Tsubine was asked to put his ear up to the side window of the rickshaw. The person inside whispered that Tsubine was now the Captain-Commander and passed a sheet of paper that officially proved it. Over the next few decades, the Gotei was repaired under Tsubine's watch.
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Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III (Captain Commander)
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